about us

We are Kirsty and Ksenia Scorer and together we form ‘Kookolki’.  Based in Exeter in Devon, we create bespoke hand tailored lampshades and panel lampshades using vintage and modern fabrics and embroidered tablecloths; utilising a flair for finding beautiful things, an eye for colour and a craving for haberdashery.exeter craft fair

We began designing lampshades as an attractive yet functional way to display old embroidered tablecloths. We love the romantic shapes of vintage style lampshades – and find it such a pleasure to give them new life with a modern twist. Many, though not all, of the frames we use are upcycled.

craft fair display boxProducing these lampshades takes a lot of time – first, hunting out frames and fabric in vintage shops and flea markets, then selecting the fabrics and trims, combining colours and textures, finally careful cutting out and patient assembling. But we hope that you agree that the result will brighten your home and warm your heart far more than a bland mass produced shade.

The name ‘Kookolki’ (pronounced with the stress on the ‘oo’) is Russian for ‘dollies’ and is a term of endearment used by Ksenia’s parents. We chose it because it looks nice written down, sounds lovely and has lots of K’s in it.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter for details about upcoming dates when you can meet us and see our lampshades at Craft Fairs around the South West and to follow our latest lampshading adventures.